common challenges of managing grey hair

Common challenges of managing gray hair and how Yami herbals helps

It's inevitable that human hair loses its natural color with age. While there are a lot of generic factors like stress, hereditary, and lifestyle we wanted to understand the specifics of the day-to-day concerns faced by common people. From an original survey that we conducted, we have listed down the top 6 concerns that were shared by the people who are fighting gray hair everyday. In this article, we will go through these challenges and also understand how Yami herbals can help address these specific challenges.

Excessive hair fall due to chemical coloring

The simplest and the most frequently tried method to mask gray hair is coloring the hair. However, the process of coloring is the chemical working with the hair strands to change its attribute. Which means, there are chances that the strands become weaker, depending on how
the individual’s hair reacts to the colorant. The common side-effect to hair coloring is hair fall and it can vary from mild to severe depending on the individual.

High maintenance cost

Chemical coloring comes with a cost. To get the best coloring product that doesn’t damage the hair is a pricey deal. While color can be expensive, maintenance of the color for long lasting effect involves even more effort through color protection shampoo and conditioner.

Temporary results

While coloring helps cover up the gray, it's always short-lived. The survey results highlighted  that most people are concerned about the longevity of the color. 

Time consuming

Coloring the hair needs ample amount of time to spend as the process is very exhaustive. You start by cleansing the hair, then coloring it, and then washing it off before letting the hair dry. In our busy lives, this takes an hour easily which becomes a costly affair.

Side effects

Not everyone’s skin accepts colors. There are quite a big chunk of people who are very sensitive to hair colors, and have to stay away to avoid skin issues.

Pregnancy and lactation unsafe

Added to all the other factors discussed above, the time constraint and tiredness every woman undergoes during the time of pregnancy is huge. There aren't many safer options for pregnant and lactating women to color their hair safely. Above all, in-salon coloring seems to be the least
of their priorities and rightly so.

How Yami herbals can help

The vision of Yami herbals has always been to solve basic skin and hair problems with simple yet effective solutions. Intrigued by the survey results, our founder got to work with deep care and is happy to introduce the latest launch “All Natural Black root touch up”.

This product is made from herbs like ponnanganni leaves, almond oil, castor oil, and making a concoction of the soot. This liquid helps touch up the gray seamlessly, while also nourishing the scalp and hair. Additionally, this also makes the hair look denser. While this isn’t a full coloring product, it definitely helps people turn their gray hair in a safe yet satisfying way.