Foods for a healthy gut and happy skin

Foods for a healthy gut and happy skin

Human body is the most advanced and complex machine. It shows immediate signs when there's any abnormality throughout the body. Our skin is one of those sensitive areas that acts up when our body faces some trouble. This can be in the form of a pimple that pops up, or dehydrated skin that looks patchy and peels off, or even allergic reactions. These signs are a direct reflection of an unhealthy body. So how do we improve skin health? Although skin is our outer layer, its health is actually a reflection of our mind and body. For a happy skin, having a healthy mind and a healthy gut is very important. A healthy gut ensures that all the food we eat is broken down properly which inturn will help the skin reflect better.

In this piece, we are going to share three simple food items that are easily available everywhere to adopt in your routine. Additionally, we also help you understand the food items you should avoid for better gut health.

Vegetables and fruits
For a healthy gut proper digestion and metabolism is crucial. Therefore, it is important to consume digestible and nutritional food. Your daily diet should contain at least a fruit and a vegetable in good portions. They are rich in fiber and essential nutrients that will improve the digestion process and body's metabolism naturally. Green leafy vegetables, seasonal fruits, carrots and beetroot are a few examples of foods rich in antioxidants, vitamins and fiber that can help in breaking down food better.

Fermented food
Fermented food is another proven option that is rich in probiotics or good bacteria which improves gut health greatly by enhancing digestion and detoxification. The fermentation process holds the nutrients intact as opposed to processed food. They are rich in Vitamin K and B12 which are major contributors to our metabolism. Home made curd, rice that is soaked overnight and porridge are a few brilliant options that are easily available and consumable.

Sprouted pulses
Soaked and sprouted pulses like chickpeas or green peas, are rich in protein and have high nutritional value due to germination. They add strength to the body and also improve digestion.

While it is important to know what food items to consume for good health, it is equally important to know what not to consume. Let’s look at some of the food items that are not so great for our skin and gut.

Refined food
As much as refined food is delicious and looks mouth watering, the damage it causes to our body is abundant. Foods like refined sugar, all purpose flour contain no nutritional value but end up increasing the calories consumed which inturn makes the digestion process difficult. Poor digestion leads to poor gut health and eventually creates various issues within our body including fatigue and unhealthy skin.

Dairy products
Dairy products, especially animal milk, need to be consumed only in moderation by both teens and adults. Some people might be lactose intolerant, which means their body cannot tolerate or digest dairy in any form. It's very easy to find out if you are lactose intolerant by doing a few
tests. For others, over consumption of dairy can slow down digestion and it's proven to obstruct the sebum production leading to acne and flare ups on the skin. It's good to consume dairy for the amount of calcium and vitamins it provides, but it's even more important to check if your body can tolerate it. If yes, ensure that you consume it in moderation always.

Try to observe your gut health and practice mindful eating. Let your mind process every food that enters your body, and stay cautious enough to let in only the healthy food for good gut and a glowing skin.