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Learn how food plays a major role in hair fall

Surprised if food can contribute to your hair fall? Well, it can. As much
 as food intake is important for our hair growth and strengthening, there 
are certain food items that have to be reduced in order to combat hair fall. In this article, we’ll talk about four major food sources that cause   hair fall

1. Foods that contain sugar in high quantities
2. Food with high glycemic index
3. Excess Dairy
4. Junk and greasy food

Foods that contain sugar in high quantities

Sugar is something everybody loves irrespective of age. But there are 
downsides of  consuming more than the optimum quantity. This includes,

1. Possible deterioration of hair and nail quality which makes them brittle and causes breakage
2. Shrinking of hair follicles due to excess insulin that increases androgens
3. Reduced protein absorption by hair

Food with high glycemic index

Glycemic index defines the increase in blood sugar level upon consumption of a food item. Some food items that have a high glycemic index include fries and confectionaries. Along with being harmful for our internal health upon prolonged consumption, they also inhibit nutrient supply to the roots of the hair, and eventually lowers hair growth.

Excess Dairy

Milk proteins and dairy have always been a part of the books on healthy diet. But too much of anything isn’t good. Dairy products have proven time and again to worsen dandruff which is again not healthy for your scalp.

Junk and greasy food

Well, who doesn’t love samosa chat or french fries! Did you know that consuming these food items can increase sebum production on the scalp? Sebum is an oily substance that our skin and scalp produces naturally to retain moisture level on the surface. However, it has to be at an optimum level. Excess sebum makes the scalp greasy, leading to an unhealthy scalp that can eventually result in moderate to severe hair fall.

The aforesaid categories have adverse effects on not just your hair growth, but also your skin’s health. Eating healthy and mindfully is a very important habit for maintaining good health both inside and out.

 If you’re someone who always has a greasy scalp or is facing severe hair fall, it's high time you adopt mindful eating. Also, using the right hair products can help curb hair loss and result in healthy hair growth. Yami herbals provides a broad category of hair care products that can serve you the best in your hair care journey.