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As an ode to the journey of tradition which has been followed by many even today, Mrs. Shylaja Pradeep founded Yami Herbals. The arena is bestowed with nature’s best and one can recall their ancestor’s method of self-care, embraced in the past through Yami's products which are handcrafted traditionally. Yami Herbals believes in catering the traditional skin care and hair care values through their products, which were used by our predecessors and share through the generations across the globe.






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Each skin type voices out a different character, defines your natural self, portrays your inner beauty while your hair and scalp speaks the volumes with its potential texture. To protect the originality, nurtured from birth, Mrs. Shylaja established Yami Herbals that speaks the truth for your skin and facts for your hair care. 

Each product is handcrafted with utmost attention and with traditionally cultivated herbs in her garden. Yami Herbals goes back to the tradition, embraced by ancestors to use the man made grounding stones for mincing and grounding any homemade self –care products. 

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Yami Tales

Considering the high quality of ingredients used in their products they are a very affordable rate.My favourites are definitely their bath powders and aloe gel. I also use their neem comb.

Dr. R. Susan Joy

I have been using Yami herbals for the last 2.5 years. Skin Brightening scrub and face pack act as a deep cleanser and leaves a glow on the skin. Skin elixir moisturises the. skin really well but doesn’t make the skin oily. Not only are their products and packaging great, but the way they respond to the customers is really wonderful.. Any query regarding products or skin issues they respond very sweetly that makes me a happy customer.

Thrupthi P Kanchan

The very first homemade brand which have been ma constant till now..... the journey has been so beautiful and would like to continue forever

Janani Sabaa

I have been using yami herbal's bath powder and skin polishing scrub. The bath powder has an excellent aroma and is very refreshing. The skin polishing scrub treated mild acne 
and leaves my skin soft and supple


I have been using Yami Products for 4 years now. They make me look fresh and polished without any make up.Love herbal bath powder to the core. The smell lasts till next day

Laksmi Charanya